Senior Portrait Investment



Michelle's Portrait Design is a full service professional photography studio offering you much more than most photographers can. 

The simple reality is. if you love all your photos, you will want to buy them all.  That's what happens at Michelle's Portrait Design. Our clients invest a lot, but receive a lot. 

 Our portrait package offerings range from $750- $3500 and include something beautiful for your wall at home, an album to capture your many favorite images, gift prints for your friends and family or around your home and wallets/ webshare files for Instagram & Facebook use. 

 Wall decor starts at 299. Custom albums range from 445-1495.  Michelle's offers several discount offers for your order depending on your product selections.  Every product we offer is held to the highest quality standards of protection and printed at our professional photography labs and are created to last for decades. For quality control reasons we do not offer a disc/usb or print it yourself option.  We do offer images for online social media sharing  

Our art albums are one of our most popular products offered.  Our senior art album is designed by our designers, each page custom designed with thick, durable pages and rich vibrant images, enhanced with high definition art lustre paper flush mounted on panoramic spreads. This album is compiled of your favorite session with several premier cover options ; premium leather, fabric, acrylic or photo cover. Companion mini 3x3 albums are also available and are a great gift for grandparents. 


 Call to schedule a studio tour / consultation at which we will be able to give you our complete pricing information.